Simply responding to Jesus


Because Jesus is real, we are a community of faith that is fully engaged in the work of transforming ourselves, our community, and the world.
If we stay focused on our values and continue to fulfill our mission as a church, we will see great things happen. Our goal is to see people saved by the power of Jesus Christ and also see Christ-followers become fully devoted disciples of Jesus in word, thought and action. Let's dive a little deeper.

Helping Lost People

We follow the greatest commandment and the great commission and purposefully pursue all who have not yet received the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This passion for God is what drives us to have compassion for all people. Our vision is that every person, no matter their ethnicity, background, age, status,  or station in life, feels welcomed and drawn in by the passion for God that they witness and the compassion for people that they experience. That all who come to this church will find themselves in the presence of the Lord and lead by the Holy Spirit.

Connecting People

Christianity is all about relationship.  Through the relationship, we believe in building an authentic community in which to experience the life God has called us to live.  Relationships need to be cultivated, maintained and fought for generation after generation. We value family and work hard to ensure that healthy families live life together, children grow up together, and deep life-long friendships are formed year after year. No matter how your life looks you will find a welcoming atmosphere with something to offer you.  It is important to us that encouragement, laughter, and joy flow from our church.

Irresistible Environment

Our hope is that as you enter the parking lot there is something noticeably different about the Refinery. Every step that you take from the front door to the gallery, to the courtyard, the children's Sunday school rooms, the nursery, and the entire campus shouts "God is here." That while you are here at the Refinery, you feel safe, welcomed and loved in such a way that each person cannot help but notice something, unlike anything they have ever experienced before. That you can embrace God, receive His love and surrender to His grace.

Spiritual Growth

The only true proof of a surrendered life is good fruit. We want to see people grow exponentially year after year in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Through your experience here you will grow in your knowledge and love of God year after year. That as you learn and serve you will grow and mature in your walk with God. We aspire to shift our focus from our own desires to God’s.  We hope that a heart of service and a passion for growth and guidance from the Holy Spirit will pour forth from the church.

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