Here are some of the things that define who we are. "Make yourself at home."


We care for the whole person. 


We give away gift cards for food from Smart & Final to our families with income challenges. We  

provide affordable Christian therapy with licensed marriage and family therapist interns for those in need  

of emotional and relational healing. And we offer life groups so people can form authentic relationships 

with one another and grow spiritually in their relationship with Jesus.


We love beauty. 


We believe that outward beauty of our church affects the inward beauty of our souls. To demonstrate 

this we've renewed and refreshed our church's site by refinishing our old oak floors, hanging beautiful 

lighting in our worship center and placing art in our foyer and the meeting room we call The Gallery. We 

recently finished building a large, interior courtyard, where trees and flowers will help us quiet our 



We value everyone -- and we show it. 


We include women equally at all levels of life and leadership because we believe that women and men 

are equally created in God's image and given equal authority and stewardship of God's creation. Our 

congregation is growing in ethnic diversity. We value children and often design our fun events and 

outreaches around them.


We develop leaders. 


We recognize the spiritual gifts of both men and women, both young and seasoned, and are continually 

developing and empowering new leaders. We also value life-long learning and education for our leaders. 

Every year we pay for a team of pastors, teachers, and elders from the REFINERY to attend the Global 

Leadership Summit.


We serve. 


We take care of our community through our "Church Has Left the Building" Sundays, our backpack and 

Easter basket projects for homeless and foster children, our teaming with the police department, our work trips to Mexico and the use of our site for foster and adoption training.


We care for the earth and our bodies. 


We are in the process of re-landscaping the front of our property to use less water. We installed LED lights throughout our church site to conserve 

energy. We put in drought tolerant plants and drip system irrigation. We partner witht he city to remove grafitti from E St.

We are also offering our children healthy snacks, and giving them fresh water rather than sugared drinks.